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Founded by managing attorney Paul J. Kurtzhall, our mission as your attorney is to ensure you receive the proper legal experience through robust representation and extensive knowledge of California’s statutes and case law.

Kurtzhall Law handles all areas of civil litigation, including employment and labor law, business law, real estate law, creditor/debtor bankruptcy, judgment enforcement, appellate law, contract law and commercial/construction law.

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Areas of



Meal Breaks

Is your employer denying you meal breaks? Pursuant to California law, employees must be provided with no less than a thirty-minute meal break when the work period is more than five hours...



Working long hours with no overtime pay? It’s illegal and Kurtzhall Law will put an end to your employer’s wage theft. In California, a nonexempt employee shall not be employed more than eight hours...


Paid Sick Leave

Is your employer denying you access to your hard earned paid sick leave? The paid sick leave law specifically says an employer shall not deny an employee the right to use accrued sick days...


Rest Breaks

Everyone needs to take a break during a long day at work. If your employer refuses to let you take 10 minutes to yourself to rest, it could be a violation of California Law. Certain employers must authorize and permit a 10-minute paid...


Employment Status

Did your employer misclassify you as an independent contractor instead of an employee to avoid California Labor Laws? A worker is considered an employee and not an independent contractor...


Discrimination and Harassment

Discrimination and harrasment are never appropriate in the workplace. Claifornia law bars discrimination for all business practices, including advertisements, applications, screening...

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Kurtzhall Law

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About representing clients in litigation who have been wronged by others.

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For our clients and we want to make things better in their time of need. With our great communication skills and willingness to listen, Kurtzhall Law quickly grasps the issues you face and provides you with a list of options to develop a strategy for your case.

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Extensive knowledge of California Law

Will give you the advantage when you need it most. Our creativity and good judgment allow us to achieve your goals in a timely manner with the best results possible.


Kurtzhall Law knows how to guide clients through challenging litigation and obtain rewarding and meaningful results.


Paul Kurtzhall

My name is Paul Kurtzhall, and I am the founder and managing attorney of Kurtzhall Law. I am a seasoned litigator with substantial civil litigation experience, including employment and labor law, business law, real estate law, creditor/debtor bankruptcy, judgment enforcement, appellate law, contract law and commercial/construction law, among other areas.



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My decision to engage Paul Kurtzhall was instrumental in getting my life back on the right track. Paul’s ability to (a) re-think his strategies in the face of the actions of the opposition and some of the earlier decisions of the court together with (b) Paul’s work ethic led to some great wins which changed my life back for the better. Thank you Paul for your counsel and for your successful work on my behalf.

Albert E.

I have worked most recently with Paul Kurtzhall. I would offer an unhesitating and unqualified recommendation. He is responsive, reasonably priced and yet extraordinarily knowledgeable.

Douglas S.

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